Raleigh, NC – April 2012

It’s always good to visit family and this leg of our travels took us to Raleigh, NC, to see our daughter.  We have actually seen more of Elisabeth than normal because she spent time with us while Scott was home on leave, and joined us in Myrtle Beach.  Rather than spending a lot of time sightseeing as we had done in the last several places, this was a time to relax.  We stayed at the Holly Point Campground in the Falls Lake State Recreation Area.  The campsites are nice with long driveways and plenty of trees around each site.  You certainly don’t feel like you are in your neighbor’s backyard!  Falls Lake is a Corps of Engineers reservoir and, as a result, has lots of small bays along the shoreline which makes for interesting kayaking.

When we first arrived we had an immediate challenge.  As we were packing the trailer into the site, a linkage in the truck’s transmission came apart and left us stranded across the road, blocking traffic and unable to shift into any gear.  Thankfully there was almost no one in that part of the part that afternoon.  We called GM and they sent a wrecker out to tow the truck into a local dealership.  The wrecker driver was able to connect the linkage enough so we could get the trailer where it had to go and towed the truck into the dealership.  Fortunately, the dealer was able to get it fixed the next day and the whole expense, including the towing, was covered by the warranty.

We spent some time at Elisabeth’s house installing ceiling fans and lights in her bedrooms.  Bob actually asks her if she has any projects he can work on when we visit.  We had a great time with Elisabeth, having her out to the campsite for kayaking and dinner, having dinner at her house, as well as shopping and going out to dinner.

We did a lot of relaxing and exercised most mornings.  Walking and running were preferred over bicycling as the area was VERY hilly.  We checked out the campsites so we would know which ones we would prefer when we come back again and checked out the possibility of volunteering in the park at some time in the future.

Bob took a side trip to Atlanta to do a training seminar and Pat and Elisabeth got some girl time together.  We met Elisabeth for lunch and got to see her office on our way to take Bob to the airport.  Bob got back Thursday night and Friday morning we were on our way to the Land Between the Lakes in western Kentucky.

About Michigan Traveler

Bob and his wife, Pat, are fulltime RVers. They sold their home in Michigan in June, 2011 and now travel the country, living on the road. Home is Where You Park It!
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