San Antonio, TX – Jan/Feb 2013

San Antonio MapThe RV park at Fort Sam Houston is a wonderful location IMG_4822to camp for easy access to San Antonio.  The most historical landmark in San Antonio is the Alamo.  It is one thing to read and watch movies about this critical event in Texas’ bid for freedom from a Mexican dictatorship, it is completely different to see it for yourself and be able to stand in the actual locations where the defenders made  their last stand.

San Antonio is famous for its River Walk.  Below street level and bordered by lush gardens and trees, the San Antonio River winds its way through downtown, creating the River Walk.  What started as the vision of a young architect, Robert Hugman, in 1929, has grown, over the decades, into one of the world’s most distinctive meeting places — old and new friends meet up, travelers pause, families congregate, lovers gaze; and weddings and reunions spill over into the River Walk.

IMG_4824We liked the River Walk so much we went there twice!  The second time we took one of the river cruises.  Our guide was both informative and humorous and gave us a full description of the history of the River Walk.  We had dinner at the Casa Rio, the oldest restaurant on the River Walk.  IMG_4841It was a delicious meal and if you eat here, make sure you bring your appetite because the portions are huge.  As we were leaving, we ran into a friend from Lansing, Lori Mason, who was in town for a conference.  As Bob often says, this world is getting way too small!

We continue to meet old friends in our travels.  We had dinner with one of Bob’s friends from his National Guard days, former Command Sergeant Major of the Army, Jerry Alley and his wife Deborah.  He now works for USAA in San Antonio.  It’s always fun to meet with old friends to talk about the “old days.”

IMG_5034One of the reasons we chose to visit San Antonio was to have a place where we could leave our trailer while we flew to Bonaire for a SCUBA diving and snorkeling vacation.  When we returned to San Antonio we attended the San Antonio Rodeo, the largest indoor rodeo in the US.  The events were just great!  IMG_5004We especially enjoyed the kids Mutton Riding event, with kids ages 4-7 riding sheep bareback.  These kids would wrap themselves around a sheep and hold on for dear life while the sheep ran across the arena until the kids slid off.  Other events included bucking broncos, bull riding, cow roping, and barrel racing.  It was a terrific show!

IMG_5052Following the rodeo, we were entertained with a concert by Reba McEntire.  She was great!  She sang without any interruption for the whole concert – what energy!

Friday, February 15th, we took off for a few weeks in Corpus Christi.

About Michigan Traveler

Bob and his wife, Pat, are fulltime RVers. They sold their home in Michigan in June, 2011 and now travel the country, living on the road. Home is Where You Park It!
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