East Harbor State Park (Ohio)

After we left Oak Beach, we moved the trailer to Pat’s brother, Geri’s, house where she stayed while I was training in Lancaster, PA and Oakbrook, IL.  She was able to spend time with family and help out around the farm.On July 30th, we headed from Bad Axe down to St. Clair Shores for a picnic with the 82d Airborne Division Association and 425th Regimental Association.  It was great to see my old comrades from Company F (RANGER), 425th Infantry. We had lots of good food, enjoyed watching the skydiving, and telling lies to each other about how great we were!  We spent the night in the parking lot of a local church that one of my friends had arranged for us and pulled out early the next morning for the Cedar Point area.I had always wanted to visit the area around Put-In-Bay, but we hadn’t gotten around to it.  Because we had to travel through there to get to Pennsylvania, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and spent a few days there.

We stayed at East Harbor State Park, a real nice park with access to East Harbor and Lake Erie.  We arrived early and couldn’t get onto our site yet, so we drove the trailer to the beach, had a picnic and walked along the beach until the site was available.  Nice sites with plenty of trees with lots of open spaces.We decided to go to Cedar Point on Monday which we had been told was one of the slower days in the park.  We may not have hit all of the rides, but I think we showed anyone who cared that you can enjoy an amusement park even if you are a senior citizen!Of course we had to check out some of the local wineries, the Marblehead Lighthouse and the maritime museum.  We added Lake Erie to the list of Great Lakes that we have kayaked on.  It was a pleasant day on the lake with only a light wave action.  Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes and the water was very comfortable.We spend our last day traveling by ferry to Put-In-Bay which is on South Bass Island.  We visited the Perry Peace Memorial and biked all over the island.  The vehicle of choice for most people on the island (especially the visitors) is the golf cart!  We had dinner at a great restaurant, called the Goat Soup and Whiskey.  We wanted a place with good food and character and this fit the bill.On our way again – to an Army Corps of Engineers campground southeast of Pittsburgh called Youghiogheny River Lake.  I’ll teach there for two days then enjoy the area.  Enroute  stayed at another Corps of Engineer campground called Shenango River Lake.  I taught the Leadership Development program there for the last two years and it should be interesting to go back as a camper, not as a contractor.

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Bob and his wife, Pat, are fulltime RVers. They sold their home in Michigan in June, 2011 and now travel the country, living on the road. Home is Where You Park It!
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1 Response to East Harbor State Park (Ohio)

  1. Robin Helm says:

    Hi Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob! I am really enjoying your posts. Makes me kind of feel like I get to travel with you. My best friend Kerri lives in Ohio and was talking about Put-In-Bay, glad to know you enjoyed your time there and at Cedar Point! I hate to tell you but I don’t think that you are seniors (yet) but maybe that just is because I would be admitting that we are halfway there! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you in Florida. I’m still going to sell the whole “there are great places to scuba dive here” reminder.

    Love you,

    Robin & kids

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