The Skydiving Santas of Cocoa Beach – 2018

There are plenty of things to see and do in the Cocoa Beach area. One of my favorite Cocoa Beach Christmas traditions is the Skydiving Santas. For the third year in a row the Air Sports Parachute Team has organized local area skydivers to put on this special event. More than 100 people dressed as Santas, Elves, and Grinches skydived near the Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier on Saturday, Dec. 15. The skydiving Santas were attempting to set a Guinness World Record by organizing the largest formation of flying Santas in the world, according to the event organizers.  The Old Saint Nick parachutists attempted to land on a giant inflatable Santa chair, a Santa sleigh, and other objects.

The show was set to start at 11:00 and we got there at 10:00 to make sure we had a good spot. The weather was “iffy” with overcast skies, possible rain, and chilly. That made for a light turnout and good seats for all. We were right on the edge of the drop zone directly across from the Santa sleigh – great spot!

Shortly after 11:00 the first plane passed overhead and dropped its first stick of jumpers. As a former Army paratrooper I loved every minute. The winds aloft were tricky and a couple of the skydivers landed in the Atlantic Ocean instead of safely on the beach. On later passes the aircraft corrected its track and everyone made dry landings.

The Santas, Elves, and Grinches were working hard to land on the sleigh or the chair. I was impressed and amazed at the chances they were taking to hit the targets. Fortunately we did not see anyone get hurt and they were really entertaining. Unfortunately a front moved through the area and the rain started. It looked like it was going to last for a couple of hours so we called it a day. It was too bad as I could have watched for a lot longer.

If you are ever in the Cocoa Beach area in mid-December check it out!

About Michigan Traveler

Bob and his wife, Pat, are fulltime RVers. They sold their home in Michigan in June, 2011 and now travel the country, living on the road. Home is Where You Park It!
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